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Department of Chemical & Process Engineering

University of Moratuwa

DCPE provides technological assistance for establishment  of large-scale  anaerobic digestion facilities at national level  

A team headed by Dr. P.G. Rathnasiri of the Chemical and Process Engineering Department provided technological assistance in generating a feasibility report with regards to the proposal of a large-scale anaerobic digestion facility processing 1,000 metric tons per day of unsorted MSW which converts its biodegradable component (60%) of MSW to bio-methane and a power plant generating 6 MWe power. Purified and burnt bio-methane generates electricity which will be fed to the national grid. Remainder sludge from the process becomes a great source of fertilizer, and the non-biodegradable waste such as polymers, glass, metals will be sent for recycling. This is a project of BioGreenCycle (Pvt) Ltd setup in partnership with BioGreen SPA of Europe who is working with the Sri Lankan government to provide a comprehensive sustainable solution for the country‚Äôs waste problem. The team at the Chemical and Process Engineering Department conducted a detailed survey of MSW generation followed up with a comprehensive feasibility report interpreting the analysis of collected data and available technologies for MSW management. This feasibility study concluded that the proposed project is a net-positive and a green solution to the current issues of MSW. With the approval received from the cabinet ministers, findings were presented by Dr. PG Rathnasiri in the committee room 3, at the Parliament of Sri Lanka on 22nd May 2014.  Prof Ajith de Alwis and Mr. Charith Abeywarna also attended this meeting. The project is now in the final approval stages for implementation. Further discussions are now underway for the identification of a suitable land for the establishment of the facility.