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Department of Chemical & Process Engineering

University of Moratuwa



Samson International PLC has recently embarked on a new venture leading to the establishment of the DSI-UoM Rubber Production & Process Development Incubator partnership with the University of Moratuwa; the Department of Chemical & Process Engineering .

Samson International PLC has many skillful engineers at their disposal. The department undergraduates provide them talented carefree minds with an ability to look at something in a whole new angle. These are fresh minds unburdened by the strain of continuous work, minds unhindered by the expectations & deadlines that have been set in view of marketing objectives. They are also able to carry out detailed & analytical literature surveys which the company might find too time consuming to conduct, while living up to their global obligations.

The UoM-DSI incubator deals with providing professional expertise on certain projects & designs carried out by Samson International. An operational committee consisting of research advisors, financial advisors, R & D chemists, field engineers & technical assistants carries out the projects handed over to them by the board of management. The five member board of management consisting of senior department (CPE) staff, Samson International PLC officers & a representative from the University Consultant Services (UNIC) oversees their progress & also takes all the financial decisions associated with it. Simply put, the department provides the much valued intellectual input into certain projects carried out by Samson International PLC that requires a strong theoretical background, in return for Samson International to provide their undergraduates access t to their facilities & their latest technologies.

There are many benefits the university reaped from this program. The main benefit is that it provides the department undergraduates with an invaluable industrial exposure prior to their entrance into it. Also, the company steps in to fund any upgrading or renovation of any facility in the department,if their use is required in a project, which of course will enable students to take use of them.

For instance, the incubator staff room was recently renovated at the expense of Samson international; plans are also in motion to upgrade the Polymer Processing Lab of the department, both of which will bring long term benefits to the undergraduates.

They said that engineering undergraduates of the department are certainly knowledgeable and with time, with more experience & exposure, they must develop themselves into committed engineers, well motivated to uplift the consumer life style. Furthermore they suggested the department for their part, must prepare them for the transition from academic work into the corporate world.

Samson International PLC is very pleased with the support provided to this unit by the lecturing staff of University of Moratuwa, as the staff has gone to great lengths to maintain the partnership between the two parties. & they conclude that the works which have been done so far in this program are in satisfactory level and are nearing completion.