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Department of Chemical & Process Engineering

University of Moratuwa polymer energy

Food & Biochemical Engineering

Biochemical engineering comprises of processes that deal with biological organisms. It is a very important sub field of Chemical engineering. Since food is vital to life, and producing food with optimum productivity with the lowest cost is necessary due to limited resources, food processing and manufacturing is one of the most important fields of chemical engineering. Biochemical engineering is a vast field within chemical engineering.

Polymer Engineering

Polymer science is the field which deals with polymers of all kinds, namely Rubber, Plastic and other polymer products and their manufacturing processes. Polymers are basically separated into two types, natural and synthetic polymers. A large variety of Synthetic polymers are produced from Petroleum oil. Polymer science is also categorized as a subfield of materials science as well. The field of polymer science includes research in multiple disciplines including chemistry, physics and materials science.

Energy Engineering

As energy usage is increasingly being scrutinized and sustainable energy sources are being sought after, the field of energy engineering has become more and more important in the present day. Similarly the environmental effects of development and aspects such as proper waste disposal are being given more priority. At CPE, our students are involved in various research work associated with energy and environmental engineering. The department has a separate environmental engineering laboratory as well. One of the outcomes of the research at the department is the recently developed biogas three wheeler which runs on clean energy in the form of biogas.



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Environmental Engineering

The environmental effects of development as well as aspects such as proper waste disposal are becoming more and more significant in the modern world. As process engineers, this aspect is quite important in the design and operation of production plants. With the increasing concern over sustainable engineering solutions to issues such as waste disposal and even hazardous material disposal, the field of environmental engineering is becoming more and more significant in the modern day. Research projects on environmental engineering aspects are conducted at the department which consists of a separate environmental engineering laboratory to aid this research.

Chemical Engineering Design

General chemical engineering is a very vast field. It is a field where Chemistry and other sciences area are applied to create engineering solutions to problems and design new processes. Production of food, polymer products, chemicals, various building materials such as cement all fall into the field of Chemical Engineering. Areas such as reactor engineering and chemical reactor design are very important in the production processes of most chemicals. The general chemistry laboratory caters to research in the field of general chemical engineering as well as the many other laboratories such as the particulate systems laboratory and unit operations laboratory available in the process engineering centre at the department.